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Beru to Bora Bora 2016 - RESULTS & REPORTS

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Поздравления kenza!!!

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In 2015 SOLer Dingo designed this superb race, retracking the historical emigration of peoples across what is now known as Micronesia and Polynesia. When we raced last year, it was in a small cat, the closest we could come to replicating the sailing outriggers of those original peoples. This year it was decided to retrace the course in the height of luxury, in GB90s. Interesting, a cat is a cat and so, despite the complete contradiction of boat “style”, the performance was not all that wrong! A brilliant race, reminding us, if any reminder is needed, of just how vast and tricky to navigate are the oceans of this beautiful planet of ours.

Congratulations to our podium – our winner, who had more than just a Sailonline win to celebrate, arrived more than 10 minutes ahead of his nearest rivals, while #2 and #3 secured their positions with a safety margin of minutes rather than seconds! After more than 2,200nm that is none too shabby! Well done guys!

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A3 2016 - Leg 3 - Hobart-Sydney - RESULTS & REPORTS

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The third leg of the 2016 running of the A3 - Agage's Around Australia Series, a race of just under 630nm from Hobart, Tasmania, to Sydney, NSW, was, as always, a game of three parts. The departure from Hobart’s sheltered harbour out into the Southern Ocean, the run up and across the ever-challenging Bass Strait and then the frequently coast-hugging run up to Sydney. This year the Hobart departure was kinder than it can be, requiring some manoeuvring but not a huge amount, the Bass Strait was relatively kind, with a couple of systems creating a useful mix of winds on the E Coast of Tasmania and “bubble” across the funnel of the Strait itself, and many of the later runners had a very helpful arrival into Sydney. Sailonline runs this course annually as part of the Tasman Double over the New Year period, so it is always interesting to see how aspects of weather are relatively consistent, but seasonal all the same!

Our podium three, our primi inter pares this time are to be congratulated for duking it out among themselves for the top three places – the rest of the fleet were minutes behind them! Well done, guys!

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Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea 2016

Sailonline is delighted to announce its first official buddy-up with Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub in Denmark and the challenging inshore race around the island of Funen, The Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea. The direction of the Sailonline race will be announced by 1200utc on 21 September for the race on 23 September. Starting under the gaze of the crowds ashore in Svendborg Kommune, it is hoped that the Sailonline race will, after the live screening of race start, be projected on-screen, along with the real fleet tracker.

From inception in 2012 with a handful of boats, this single-handed race has become the world’s largest single-handed event and, in 2016, the list of entrants has been closed at 413. Sailonline will be racing a First 36.7 – there are several 36 footers in the race and one First 36.7 so we will have direct competition.

Sailonline’s race will be opening shortly for pre-race practice and will start with the real Silverrudder fleet on 23 September 2016 at 0800utc.


1. SOLers Wolff and Bimmer are together offering a 25g silver Silverrudder keyring which will be posted anywhere in the world.

2. SOLer Gilles is offering a bottle of the region's favourite drink, akvavit, which he will arrange to have delivered anywhere in the world.

Registered Participants 2016
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Current Races:

Koshiki PYOC Sprint 2016
The seas off Nagasaki have quite a smattering of islands or shima’s, and hence are proving to be a popular arena for PYOC SOL Sprints. The Koshiki group is a case in point, and thus we return there within a year of our last visit to this time joust in SOTO 30s.
Race #962
INFOby brainaid.de
SOTO 30 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Set 24th 23:00 Registration Open!

Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea 2016
Welcome to Sailonline’s first racing of Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea around the Danish Island of Fyn. With shallow waters and a strong current this close inshore race is truly a challenge. One of three regattas around Fyn each year, this race is the only one for single handed racing. Will our new First 36.7s be a match for the real fleet? Time will tell!
Race #973
INFO from brainaid.de
First 36.7 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
RACE CLOSE: Monday, 26 September at 2300utc
Race starts: Set 23rd 08:00 Registration Closed

Carib Rum Run 2016
Rum is a pirate's drink. September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Combine the two with Open 60s and what do you have? Why, 'tis Sailonline's annual Pirate PRIZE race - 1759nm through the rum islands of the Caribbean, collecting rum to bring to the rum-parched beaches of Mexico. Race in disguise by becoming an SYC Member and changing your boat name for this race only!
Race #969
INFO from brainaid.de
Open 60 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Set 19th 17:00 Registration Open!

Beru to Bora Bora 2016
Welcome to the islands of the Pacific, whose original migrants arrived from Indonesia and reached as far as Hawaii and beyond. This Sailonline race, designed by SOLer Dingo, is a 2219nm segment of those original migration routes, and takes us from Beru Island in Kiribati to Bora Bora in Tahiti. As you enjoy the luxury of your GB90, spare a thought for those crossing these waters long ago in simple outriggers.
Race #971
INFO from brainaid.de
GB90 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
ALT. CLIENT: Classic
RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 25 September at 2300utc
Race starts: Set 12th 21:00 Registration Closed

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