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Aguirre PYOC Sprint 2016 - RESULTS & REPORTS

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A PYOC (Pick Your Own Course) sprint can, depending on the weather, turn out to be not very much of a “pick” but this is never the case here in Chile. This is the third time Sailonline has sprinted around the islands near Puerto Aguirre, and for the third time the race has proved supremely popular. Not only was the racing time ideal for nearly all time zones (1700utc), ensuring a good participation, but the brilliantly chaotic scattering of islands and islets between the start and the finish means that almost everyone starting on time, at some point in the race, has a chance of seeing themselves in the top 10 or higher. While many of us know that this moment in the spotlight cannot last, there is always that split second of joy at leading the pack!

Several who found excuses for not winning had this to say:

Scara didn't win because "I didn't want to burn the chicken with potatoes" (he did take 3rd on the podium though)
Smo didn't win as he was "lazy at cottage"
Stoertebaeker did not win as he did not raise anchor all the way…
MM didnt win because he was distracted by the contents of Smo’s fishnets
RC didn't win because she was knitting a dog jumper

So, to the three who did finally take the podium – Congratulations!


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Lisboa TIMED Race 2016 - RESULTS

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Поздравляю kenza!!!

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Sailonline and SOLers could easily fall in love with our new AC72 polar – the original version was described as “utterly amazing to sail” and this updated version is just wonderful, especially if you like the potential thrills and spills of virtual foiling in relatively close proximity to land! Some of the speeds achieved in the running of this TIMED event were remarkable! Our podium did a great job in taking the top three spots against stiff competition. The podium all began their runs on 22 October, but some hours apart from each other, while the next closest finishers were early starters (utc time) on 23 October, fourth place only finishing 37s behind third.

Congratulations podium!

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RTWR 2016 - Leg 2 - Uruguay to New Zealand - RESULTS & REPORTS

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CONGRATULATIONS longreacher!!!

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It is not often that anyone attempts to race around the world the “wrong” way but never say that Sailonline is not up for a challenge! Compared with our first leg across the Atlantic to S America, this second leg from Uruguay to New Zealand has seen some extraordinary routings being undertaken. A race by turns challenging, exhilarating and nightmareish saw the first finishers, our amazing podium arrive, close together, on 18 October. Today, 23 October there are still many boats on-course and this disparity, is a tribute not only to the skill of those at the front of our virtual fleet, but the genuine determination, persistence and sheer enthusiasm of everyone racing on this so-realistic wind navigation platform!

Congratulations, then, to our brilliant podium and thank you all for writing reports on your experience!


Sailonline Honours

For completing this leg of the 2016 RTWR you become eligible for the Order of the Golden Dragon for crossing the International Date Line

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A3 2016 - Leg 4 - Sydney to Gold Coast
SOL's gift to AGage's memory is the A3 - Agage's Around Australia Series. This race is Leg 4 of the series - a 385nm run in TP52s from Sydney to the Gold Coast, replicating the course of the famous race organised by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in July each year.
Race #987
INFO by brainaid.de
TP-52 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: A3 - SYC
Race starts: Oct 25th 20:00 Registration Open!

RTWR 2016 - Leg 2 - Uruguay to New Zealand
The second leg of Sailonline's wrong-way Round the World Race 2016 sees the fleet navigating its way from Punta del Este,Uruguay, down the South Atlantic and across the Pacific to Auckland, New Zealand. For your transit from ocean-to-ocean you may leave Tierra del Fuego to port or to starboard, as you please.
Race #972
INFO from brainaid.de
VO70 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC - SUPSOL - OCQ4 - OCCH - RTWR
RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 30 October at 2300utc
Race starts: Oct 02nd 13:00 Registration Closed

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